2Xist - Perfect Choice for Today's Man

Gone are the days when it was really easy to buy men's underwear, especially since there was not much to choose from, in the first place. Today, given the wide array of brands in men's underwear, including brands like 2xist, Under Armour and Calvin Klein underwear, choosing the perfect one is an art as well as a skill. Choosing the perfect underwear means understanding the exact requirement, opting for the perfect fabric and ensuring the perfect fit.

The history of the modern underwear is pretty interesting, given that in the early days men used loin clothes instead of the modern day underwear. The middle age saw the beginning of the modern day underwear, albeit very loose in fitting. The second half of the eighteenth century saw the actual invention of the modern day underwear, thanks to the availability of the cotton fabric. The boom in the underwear industry however happened in the 20th century, with leading designers, including 2xist, Under Armour, Calvin Klein underwear and others competing with each other for producing the best as well as the most innovative underwear available for men.

It is pertinent to note that the male underwear apart from being a garment adding sex appeal in a man is absolutely essential as it protects the male genital area. In addition, the underwear provides additional warmth to the region, especially during colder climes. Given that the underwear is constantly touching the genital area for long hours, it is important to choose fabrics that are good in quality. Designers like 2xist, Under Armour and Calvin Klein ensure that their fabrics are of excellent quality as well as protective of sensitive skin.

Fabrics include cotton, nylon, flannel as well as silk and depending on your requirement as well as personal liking, you can choose between these fabric options. Choice of fabric, apart from being a personal choice, is also linked to the seasons as some fabrics suit only certain seasons. For example, while you are hunting or moving around constantly, lighter briefs from 2xist or Calvin Klein underwear will suit your needs more than heavy fabrics.

Underwear range includes styles like briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, thongs and many more. Depending on your personal choice as well as requirement, you can choose from these styles. Modern designers like Under Armour, 2xist and Calvin Klein underwear have choices in the above styles, which keep growing in number as per the season. Additionally, these brands, offer a wide array of choices with respect to colors, making the male underwear a style statement as well as a protective garment.

Before buying the perfect underwear, it is important to understand the various styles that are available, at least the most common ones. Briefs are usually underwear types that are about 4 inches above the waist, giving full coverage to the body from the waist to the butt, resembling a Y in design. Low rise and mid rise briefs are the commonly available varieties offered by most leading brands, including 2xist. Boxers, on the other hand, are classic undergarments, most preferred by today's man, which are extremely comfortable and loose fitting. These are like shorts with a straight leg opening and cover the thighs and butt. While briefs are best under form fitting clothes, boxers can be worn under looser trousers, including khakis. Moreover, while briefs are available in cotton, polyester and silk, boxers are available in wool and cotton only.

In addition to these basic styles, brands like 2xist offer slimming men's underwear, which include styles like Trunk and Contour Pouch Brief. Trunks are usually body shaping in nature, available in spandex, polyester and cotton. These usually have a wide waist band and are meant for comfort with a contoured pouch in the front. Contour Pouch briefs are for those who prefer briefs to boxers and love to wear something that is invisible below their clothes. The new design from 2xist makes sure that you wear the best design without really showing outside.

While choosing men's underwear, make sure that you choose something that suits your personality as well as your personal preference. It is important to choose something that you are comfortable in as well as feel good wearing, in addition to ensuring that you select materials that do not cause any allergic reactions.

Lastly, in this internet age, it is possible to buy under garments online from various websites in addition to visiting brick and mortar stores in your neighborhood. In fact, most people prefer to buy their Calvin Klein underwear or similar garments from brands like 2xist and Under Armour from within the precincts of their home. Not only do you get to choose from a wide variety, you can do so without the hassle of driving through traffic or searching for a parking spot, especially in the current festive season.